How to identify indoor and outdoor plants

How to identify indoor and outdoor plants

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Consider the growth conditions of your indoor plants when investigating plant problems. Indoor plants make great roommates. They cannot, however, tell us when something is wrong. Diagnosing plant problems can require a bit of detective work.

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Identifying a plant is of interest to all plant lovers, whether we are talking about houseplants, outdoor plants, or the ones you find on your walk. However, there are so many species to identify and too many apps to choose from.

So how do you choose the best plant identification app from so many plant identifiers? Fortunately, we did our research and created this list of the best plant identification app choices for both Android and IOS devices.

This list contains three of the best free plant identification apps, three of the best plant identification apps coming with a price, and a few more we consider worthy of this list. After all, you can never have too many tools and accessories to help you care for your beloved houseplants or indoor garden! At the end of this guide, you will also find a couple of best gardening app examples we think might interest you!

At least one of them acts as a plant identifier, but all three we picked will help you plan your gardening activities better and offer your plants the maintenance they need.

Now, speaking of plant identification apps, since the first three apps are free for use, I decided to put them to the test. The results were not disappointing! Garden Compass. Click here to read more. Photo created by freepik. Plants will be started in vertical frames and then lowered into large holes to reduce energy costs and space Erez Galonska, co-founder and CEO of Infarm, said in a statement that the current food system is broken.

Follow on Instagram , Twitter en Facebook. Tip the editors! Mail us all your messages hortibiz hollandhortimedia. We kindly ask you to agree with our cookie and privacy conditions. Home News archive Advertise Newsletter Contact. The 9 best plant identification app choices of the year: Top free plant identification app picks 1. PlantNet 2. PlantSnap Paid plant identification app picks 1. PictureThis 2. FlowerChecker 3. Garden Compass Other plant identification app picks 1. Agrobase 2. Plantix 3.

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House Plants Identification Pictures

Weed 'n' Feed. Share your gardening joy! Also called corn plants, they're hardy plants with attractive long arching leaves growing from the top of bare thick woody stems. Indoors in a well-lit spot away from direct sunlight or outdoors in a sheltered spot in dappled shade. Water occasionally, keeping the soil lightly moist.

Find a wide selection of house plants, including live outdoor & indoor plants, for your home. Available online at at everyday low prices.

Plants for Health: Hidden Health Benefits of Indoor and Outdoor Plants

Plants always make places seem magical and unique. And there is a reason for that; bright green leaves have the power to transmit peace and tranquility Lee et alFor those of us who want to make plants part of our daily life, there are a few things to think about when it comes to our selection of indoor plants. For instance, due to seasonality, outdoor plants only last so long. Fortunately plants are very flexible. They can grow in various conditions, even extreme conditions like caves. However, the vast majority of plants depend on light to grow. Most plants, except a few, use sunlight to obtain energy.

Growing Indoor Plants – How to Grow Potted Plants Indoors

Gardening is about finding the right combination of sunlight, fertile soil, and water to make your plants thrive. It's also about fulfilling your passion, so select plants you love. Beginning gardeners are often intimidated by the process of how to start a garden and care for it successfully—after all, there's a lot involved. From amending your soil with high-quality organic matter to pruning shrubs, you'll find answers and advice for essentail gardening tasks. Get the dirt on composting: the benefits, what to include and what not to , and finding the right balance.

Pest attacks are much more common outdoors in the garden, but even the most experienced houseplant owner will still fall victim to an attack indoors from time to time.

8 common indoor plant problems

Tending after houseplants might offer you a reprieve from digital screens, but plant apps can actually be helpful resources for foliage enthusiasts. From PictureThis to Gardenia, here are the best apps to help you care for all of your greenery. The app can diagnose plant problems and give you suggestions for treatments, too. Where to download : App Store , Google Play. It happens to even the most diligent plant lovers: the days pass by, and your droopy plant on the brink of death reminds you that it desperately needs water.

Plant Identification

Pictures of common indoor house plants for identification purposes. Indoor house plants pictures with names for identification. Each indoor house plant's picture is linked to a page with how to care for the indoor house plants. Working in the interior landscape industry for more than 30 years, I have cared for most of the indoor house plants that you would find in the average home. These are house plants that can be maintained in office environments and are the easiest to keep looking good over a long period of time. If you see a plant that looks similar to your indoor house plant but varies a little in size, color or some other way, you should click through the link as many indoor house plant types have variations in color, variegation etc. Care for those plants should be much the same.

Find out what light is best for starting seeds and growing plants indoors. Just like choosing plants for sunny or shady areas of your outdoor garden.

Outdoor Vs. Indoor Growing

Whether you have acres of gardening land, a small greenhouse or a single, sunny windowsill in a tiny apartment, you have the means to grow plants. Regardless of the size of your garden space, the physical and psychological rewards of gardening are numerous. Weeding, watering and raking provide exercise, while the act of gardening is both relaxing and stress-relieving.

24 Types of Tropical Foliage House Plants | Tropical Indoor Plants

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A houseplant is a plant that is grown indoors in places such as residences and offices , namely for decorative purposes, but studies have also shown them to have positive psychological effects. They also help with indoor air purification, since some species, and the soil-dwelling microbes associated with them, reduce indoor air pollution by absorbing volatile organic compounds including benzene , formaldehyde , and trichloroethylene. While generally toxic to humans, such pollutants are absorbed by the plant and its soil-dwelling microbes without harm. Common houseplants are usually tropical or semi-tropical epiphytes , succulents or cacti.

Container plants should be regularly re-potted into containers of fresh potting mix. Large indoor houseplants don't need repotting as regularly as smaller indoor houseplants as long as they are fertilised regularly.

Whether you want to increase your house plant knowledge, want to identify a tagless, nameless house plant you unexpectedly inherited, or just impress your friends with your ability to compliment their pothos without batting an eye, being able to identify house plants is a great skill to have. This complete guide will covers everything you need to know about identifying house plants, including descriptions of specific features of common house plants, the differences between doppelganger house plants, and reviews of the best house plant identifying apps. There are certain plants that everyone seems to have. Because of this, a little house plant knowledge can take you a long way when it comes to identifying common house plants. One of the most popular house plants of all time is spider plants because they are quick growers, easy to take care of, and excellent air purifiers.

Spider mites are plant-eating mites that look like tiny spiders. In cool climates, they spend the winter resting in soil, while in warmer regions, they live and feed year round. While they don't bite humans or pets, these relatives of spiders and ticks can harm indoor and outdoor plants. Because spider mites are pests to over types of plants, 1 gardeners and indoor plant enthusiasts are likely to encounter them sooner or later.

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