Rooftop garden plants in india

Rooftop garden plants in india

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The most popular questions related to terrace gardening are listed here. Browse through it and be on your way to setting up the perfect terrace garden. Also called a roof garden,it is a garden in which vegetables, fruits or flowers are grown on terraces, balconies or roofs of buildings. The kitchen garden, a standard in every Indian household, has now shifted to the roof due to constraints of space, and is called a terrace garden.

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Best Terrace/Roof Garden Plants You should Grow

Vegetable Farming. Livestock Farming. Gardening is the best hobby that relieves us from stress, it also gives good body exercise. But in this tight concrete jungle where do we get a place for gardening. City life gives us all the necessities we need for an easy living, so people are getting attracted to cities. Cities are crowded with all concrete buildings, cement roads, multiplexes etc.

Going to a park or out of the city for fresh air is very tough in our busy schedules. Just think of our own garden, which gives you an amazing, beautiful garden with full greenery and beautiful flowers giving you fresh air, along with body exercise and a handful of fresh organic vegetables and fruits.

We construct our house in less place, we cannot get enough place for gardening. So, what can we do to have our own garden, terrace gardening is a best solution. The terrace is the place where we get good air, sun, and water. So, lets the plants on our terrace, terrace gardening is not very expensive. Everyone in the family can spend some quality time in spending in our own garden may refresh mind and body.

Terrace gardening gives amazing experience in gardening along with some hand-grown fruits, vegetable with amazing sitting experience with fresh air. Apart from this, terrace gardening will protect our building from absorbing heat. You just need to some leisure time to take of plants, gardening gives you good body exercise that reduces our stress and increases the blood flow in the body.

If you are planning to start terrace gardening, this article gives you a completed information for setting up a terrace gardening. Dedication: The key basic key for terrace gardening is your dedication. Plants need proper care.

Prepare some simple design layout for combining container gardening , vertical gardening , raised bed gardening, and hanging containers and wall-mounted containers in a compact roof to utilize space efficiently. Prepare the roof for gardening, waterproofing and draining system are main elements that you should take care of.

Waterproofing can be done by yourself by covering the gardening area with a tarpaulin sheet or many professionals are available who do waterproofing of terrace.

Check the strength of the terrace, if your roof can hold the weight of containers and bed, the house is built with a good amount of cement and sand it can hold a good amount of weight of the containers.

Instead of tarpaulin sheets, saucers also the best option that avoids dripping of water and soil. Raised Beds: Raised beds are the best alternative for garden beds. Raised beds are wider than the containers they come in wide square and rectangular shapes. Raised beds give enough place for roots of plants to spread and will thus thrive with less care and maintenance. Raised beds are a bit expensive, but yields of plant grown in raised beds are high compared to container -grown plants.

Raised beds are generally made of metals or wood, you can also construct a permanent raised bed with cement and concrete. Raised beds are available in hardware stores, nurseries, and online shops to purchase suitable ones as per your terrace space. Always place the raised beds slightly elevated from the terrace surface to protect the roof from root penetration and water leakages.

Soil in raised beds will dry out quickly so watering should be done regularly. Integrated patches are also used for growing vegetables, these patches help to grow plants on the surface of the terrace itself. These integrated patches are suitable of large terraces that are completely waterproof. Integrated patches are like normal garden beds, use garden soils with organic composts to grow plants in integrated patches.

Soil is the key feature for growing a healthy plant. Soil used should provide all nutrients for proper growth of the plants. Mix potting soil with compost , river sand and organic manure. Using normal gardening soil is a very bad idea. Most of the plants grow in potting mix, some plants need different types of soil like lime , and citrus plants need more acidic soil.

So, change the compositions of soil as per the soil requirement. Get the potting mixes from the nurseries, if it is costly prepare them yourself. Buy some ingredients and create own compost and prepare homemade mix. In case if you are interested in this: Hydroponic Nutrient Chart. Fabulously useful post. I am re inspired to continue my growing of vegetables. At the moment the containers are lying empty.

Glad, you liked it. Team, Fantastic — no words! First site to meet the common mans expectation. Very narrative in simple language still covers every other aspects.

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Silkworm Rearing Methods For Beginners.

Rooftop Vegetable Gardening Design, Layout in India

After a long COVID break, I returned to the column receiving a request from one of our readers, Tusher from Narayanganj, who wrote — " I have a big roof that I want to decorate with a garden. I'd like your suggestions in this regard. I basically want to know about plants that would grow on the walls of the roof's railing, plants that would be a great choice for growing in pots, and tree beds. It would also be great if you could mention the names of the plants that I can find from a nursery. So, first, hello Tusher and thanks for your interest in rooftop gardening. How lovely that you have a big space to make your dream come true!

My Indian rooftop is an experiment in urban food growing. Vertical Gardening guide India Vertical Garden Plants, Vertical Garden Design.

20 Beautiful Terrace Garden Ideas

In this hectic concrete living style, setting up a garden is really a dream. Many modern methods and techniques made everything easy and helpful in making our dreams come true. People who are planning to have the garden in homes but getting upset with an insufficient area. For them, terrace gardening is an amazing idea. Participating in social activities to save trees can be tough in the busy schedule. But planting trees on your terrace and making a beautiful garden can more interesting that can be done only when you are free. A Terrance garden can be a great solution for people who are living in small flats or houses with no area to grow plants.

20 Best Outdoor Vertical Garden Plants for Delhi NCR

A roof garden is a garden on the roof of a building. Besides the decorative benefit, roof plantings may provide food, temperature control, hydrological benefits, architectural enhancement, habitats or corridors [1] for wildlife, recreational opportunities, and in large scale it may even have ecological benefits. The practice of cultivating food on the rooftop of buildings is sometimes referred to as rooftop farming. Humans have grown plants atop structures since the ziggurats of ancient Mesopotamia 4th millennium BC— BC had plantings of trees and shrubs on aboveground terraces. An example in Roman times was the Villa of the Mysteries in Pompeii , which had an elevated terrace where plants were grown.

With a blossoming kitchen gardeners' club, many in the original garden city are growing what they eat.

Rooftop Garden, South India

Life Green systems offers perfect roof garden solutions right from the water proofing to planting. A rooftop garden not only makes your space look good but also makes it feel good. Our landscape designs help get outdoors indoors. These not only help make your space aesthetically good but makes it environment friendly too. We give innovative concepts to your gardens which include elements like vertical gardens, kitchen gardens, indoor temperature control solutions etc.

Raising the Roof

I had always thought of home gardens as merely ornamental. They were good to spruce up a space, but seemingly did not contribute to fostering biodiversity. So when I brought potted plants to green my bare terrace, little did I expect a thriving ecosystem would take root in a few square feet atop a crowded, polluted Delhi neighbourhood. At first, I got common household plants — tulsi, hibiscus, areca palm and different varieties of ficus — all manicured, fresh from the nursery. Partly out of laziness and partly hoping to diversify the flora, I let the garden grow unsheared. Soon enough, weeds, wild plants and even trees started taking root — a subabul sprouted on its own and shot up eight feet in a month! It would have probably surged further if I had not chopped off its crown.

The first elements of the rooftop garden are put into place: windshields, grass, · Large potted plants, planting boxes, and gardening necessities are places in.

Rooftop Garden

User Satisfaction. View More Reviews. Rooftop gardens might seem like a development of modernity, but they actually date back to antiquity. Roof gardens have not only served to delight people, but also to grow food, provide flood control and insulate homes.

Know-How We Can Plant a Rooftop Garden in Cities Like Kolkata

If you live in a city without access to land for gardening, a roof garden might seem like an attractive option. Some roof gardens -- on commercial buildings, apartment complexes or private homes -- flourish and produce flowers, fruit or vegetables without much difficulty. Other roof gardens can be plagued with problems. The structure and weight of a roof garden can cause problems for the overall building.

Presented by the National Association of Landscape Professionals in partnership with. With a few clever strategies, such as expanding planting, screening adjacent buildings and maximizing outdoor living space, rooftop terraces can feel larger and more secluded than they really are.

The most effective form is hydroponics technique using a specially designed Greenhouse. Growing your food has its benefits. Feeding your family from your garden not only ensures that you have a steady supply of fresh-grown food for your family but also improves the quality of life in cities, improves air quality, and reduces pollution. It can also reduce hunger issues and obesity problems. The space for cultivating your plants must be quite comfortable to get a sustainable amount of sunlight for your plants. We can also control the sunlight by positioning the greenhouse net if needed.

Modern Gardening. Outdoor Gardening. Urban Gardening.

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